author Мr. Milos Jevtic,
preface Мr. Radovan Popovic,
Publisher “Belgrade`s book” 2005.

This is a book from the distinguished interview collection called “Answers”, in which Mr. Milos Jevtic, for more than three decades of talking to people from the most important cultural and scientific life in Serbia, by  asking the questions, inspiring, wise and honorable at the same time, reveals the truth about his interlocutors, but also about the time in which they have lived and worked.

Ljiljana Habjanovic Djurovic has talked about  the family from which she originated, the childhood and youth, about education and her desire to become a writer, about love and marriage, about her  son, than about her books and how she create them, about faith and events - through which she recognized constant presence of God in the life of people.



Way to readers

Ljiljana Habjanovic Djurovic is a phenomenon in modern Serbian literature: since her appearance, she became one of the most popular, and then the most popular and best selling  writer in  Serbia. At the end of the twentieth century, her books are present in the most of home libraries in Serbia. It is a reading selection that is "swallowed" because number of editions and overall circulation, for our circumstances, have overtones of the phenomenon. She managed to "caught" even the readers who do not care much about literary criticism. They can find themselves in the books of Ljiljana  Habjanovic Djurovic. David Albahari once said that "readers read their own books”, and, in his opinion - the perfect reader is the author by himself or his double.

Literary historians and sociologists of culture  will explain this phenomenon, from a distance. They will find the key, well-intentionally, what is the mystery of Ljiljana Habjanovic Djurovic novels all about and what kind of charm puts them running on top of  the bestsellers.

Ljiljana Habjanovic Djurovic, obviously, found her way into literature, which is very recognizable. She insists on her way, simply seeking  to provide her readers pleasure of reading, and leaving to other writers the field widely open ...

Who, in fact, is Ljiljana Habjanovic Djurovic? The answer can be found, largely, in this book of talks, here she can be met from closer range, through the "living word" of dialog with Milos Jevtic.

"I do write what I love," said Virginia Woolf in her diary, and Ljiljana Habjanovic Djurovic is just doing in the same way: she writes the books exactly what she likes to read. She has defined her relationship with the readers: she's been waiting for them, and a queue of  those who want to have her notes or dedication on the books is very long. And that many of other writers, her contemporaries, envy that.


Radovan Popovic