Ljiljana Habjanović Djurović was born in 1953, in Krushevatz (Kruševac), where she completed her elementary and high school studies. She studied and graduated from Belgrade University (Faculty of Economics). She worked as a bank clerk and as a commercialist in the field of foreign tourism, and then as a journalist and editor with ‘DUGA’ -- a monthly magazine. During that time, she wrote and published four novels. Since 1996, she has devoted herself entirely to literary work. In 2003, she founded the publishing house ‘Globosino Aleksandrija’.
     She is the authoress of twelve novels: Public Bird (1988), Ana Maria Did Not Love Me (1991), Iva (1994), Feminine Genealogy (1996), The Peacock Fea ther (1999), Petkana (2001), The Dance of Angels (2003), The Joy of All the Sorrowful (2005), An Observation of the Soul (2007), Water from Stone (2009), A Radiant Gleam in the Eye of the Star (2012) and Our Father (2014).
     In addition, she has published a book on literary publishing, titled Serbia in Front of a Mirror (1994).
     She is the editor of three anthologies of spiritual poetry: The Lord Desires Pure Hearts (poems about St. Paraskeva, or Sveta Petka, as she is known in Serbia, in 2011), You Are the Promised Land (poems about the Most Holy Virgin, 2012), Heavenly Man, Earthly Angel (poems about Saint Sava and Saint Simon the Myrrhbearer, 2014) and Tsaritsa Milica promenaded (poems about Empress Milica, 2015).
     Ever since the publication of the novel Feminine Genealogy, in May 1996, Ljiljana Habjanovic Djurovic has been the most widely read and most published author with the largest circulation of books written in the Serbian language.
     Her novels have sold more than one million copies.
     She is the only writer whose books have been as many as five times on the list of the most read books in the libraries of Serbia (since the year 1973, when theses lists were first introduced).
     On the recommendation of His Holiness the Serbian Patriarch Pavle, the Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church decorated Ljiljana Habjanović Djurović with the Order of Saint Sava, on Christmas Day 2007, for her literary work.
     She is the recipient of the most important social award of recognition in Serbia, The Vuk Stefan Karadzic Award (Vukova nagrada), for the year 2009 ‘for her extraordinary contribution to the development of culture in the Republic of Serbia and in the Serbian cultural realms”, as well as the Golden Pitcher, an award bestowed on her by the Cultural and Educational Community of Belgrade in 2008 ‘for her permanent contribution to the culture of Belgrade.’
     In January 2014, the Association of Writers of Serbia presented Ljiljana Habjanovic Djurovic with the ‘Simo Matavulj’ Prize.
     In addition to the aforementioned, she has been awarded twenty-three other literary awards and prizes.
     Since the year 2000, Ljiljana Habjanovic Djurovic has also been the most successful Serbian authoress outside the country. She has published thirty-six books in fourteen languages (Czech, Italian, Greek, Croatian, Macedonian, French, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Russian, Romanian, Byelorussian, Georgian, and English), in fifty-two separate editions. Her work has been presented and reviewed in numerous prestigious literary periodicals, and many students of Slavonic Studies have researched the themes of her literary works for their graduation and master theses.
     She is the recipient of a prestigious, high-order, award of the Russian Orthodox Church and Forum ‘Orthodox Russia’ for her novel The Game of the Angels, as well as the best novel written by a foreign author, published in Russia in the year 2010.
She was the recipient of the main award ‘The Golden Knight’ at the Second International Forum of Slavic Countries held in May 2011 in Russia, for her novel The Game of the Angels.
     In October 2012, she received the Medal of the Santa Croce Church in Florence, Italy.
     In 2001, the International Biographic Center in Cambridge included Ljiljana Habjanovic Djurovic in the review ‘Who’s Who among Writers and Authors in the World’, and from 2005 onwards she had been proclaimed, a number of times, one of the hundred most influential literary authors in the world, for her respective region.
     She is the owner and editor-in-chief of the ‘Globosino Aleksandrija’ publishing house.
     Ljiljana Habjanovic Djurovic is married to Milovan Djurovic and has a son, Hadzi-Aleksandar.