Production Director: Hadji Aleksandar Djurovic
Publisher: Globosino ALEKSANDRIJA, 2008


     Publishing House Globosino Alexandria is a producer of the project “soundbook” of  Ljiljana Habjanovic Djurovic novel PETKANA.  It is neither classic “BBC audiobook”, in which the author read his book, nor a standard form of radio drama. In the form of so-called “confessions” (actors do act from the first person singular) fifteen actors will interpret the role of nineteen, in order of chapters in the novel, and this “reading a literary peace of work” will be different than anything so far, since  it will be completed by composed music and sound scenes, as in radio drama. A collaborator on this project as a director is Mr. Miroslav Jokic, who is famous radio drama forms director on the Radio Belgrade, as well as composer, arranger and music producer Mr. Sasha Mirosavljevic-Don. Cast are Ksenija Jovanovic, Jadranka Selec, Vladan Zivkovic, Miodrag Milovanov, Ljiljana Blagojevic, Dobrila Ilic, Bojan Žirović, Danijel Sic, Iva Štrljić, Andrej Sepetkovski, Marijana Dugalić, Nenad Gvozdenović, Vesna Cipcic and Kalina Kovacevic. Opening statement will be done by the author of the novel herself,  Ljiljana Habjanovic Djurovic.
The idea, director, music producer and composer, will be, a third year student of the Academy of Television Production at  BK Academy of fine Arts, Mr. Hadji-Aleksandar Djurovic, to whom it is a debut  "audio" project. The package of seven volumes, with about 480 minutes or eight hours of the novel's audio presentation, is to be found in the sale at  Belgrade International Book Fair in October,  during the Venerable Paraskeva Holiday. This is the very first time in our country and beyond that such a medium of a novel is done.

     This radio drama is  performed by following actors: Ksenija Jovanovic, Jadranka Selec, Iva Štrljić, Dobrila Ilic, Marijana Dugalić, Ljiljana Blagojevic, Vesna Cipcic, Kalina Kovacevic, Vladan Zivkovic Bojan Žirović, Miodrag Milovanov, Danijel Sic, Andrej Sepetkovski, Nenad Gvozdenović and Vladan Zivkovic